On living in Lebanon and not looking Lebanese or “clearly” European.

So… last week, I was with my friend from Bangladesh, having returned from a walk together back into the shelter’s living room. A woman I had never seen before, who was staying there, looked at us and smiled. I extended my hand and said, “Hi, how are you, I’m Lioba.”

Poking fun at Science, feminist style.

One of the most common “sexist” remarks/jokes/excuses i always hear is:

“Women h; meaning, men are superior”

The 17 virgins of the Nile : On Egypt’s virginity checks

There is a very old wound in me/ between my legs/Where I’ve bled, not to birth pueblos or revolutionary Concepts or simple sucking children/But a memory/Of some ancient /betrayal.

Cherrie Moraga, “loving in the war years”, 1983

اسكات المرأة : عن كسر الصمت

ربما أسوأ ما في العنف الأسري الموجه ضد

On Sexual Harassment: No Rainbows here

This morning something extraordinary happened: I experienced genuine happiness! Wait, wait, this is not a I-lay-in-my-bed-and-the-sun-came-shining-through-the-windows-story. This is a I-got-harassed-by-a-12-year-old-and-flipped-him-off-story.

Sexual Harassment: Why I Am a Male Ally

It’s funny how sometimes in life you feel like you see everything, but later realize in fact you can see nothing.

“Benet badda tjib moto?!” Or just another day being a woman

You want to know why we need to change our system in Lebanon? You doubt how corrupt our government is? Try registering for your driver’s license.

التضامن مع سوريا: لبنان ستايل

اراقة دماء، قتل، حصار، و حرمان الاهالي و الاطفال


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