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من وحي الاعلان:

Voices (Aswat) of Anger and Solidarity

On May 31, Israel massacred 10 international activists and injured nearly 30 on international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. About 650 international activists, from 44 countries around the world, were heading towards Gaza Strip carrying humanitarian aid including scooters for disabled people, medicine, toys, and basic foods. The Free Gaza flotilla’s mission was to break the four years of Israeli blockade and siege on Gaza Strip.

Put a [football] sock in it, Le Mall!

Ooohhh.. hihihi *giggle* *giggle* I didn’t know Kaká was a football player!
Ooohhh.. hihihihihi.. I swoooon over hot Italian boys chasing balls…!!

Why Do People Go to Gaza?

Margaret Atwood: Lessons in Selling Out

I felt a deep sharp pain in my stomach; I could swear that I saw the flotilla in the sea from my window; the water was red and I could swear that I smelled the blood, thick and iron-saturated.

سروع ومايهمك موكب المسؤول عل حالتين رح يقتلك

زمامير وارانا، معقول حداً توفى؟ معقول حداً دعستو سيارة؟ رجعت الحرب الأهلية؟ ولعت؟ مشكل؟ دب الرعب بركبي.ليش سيارات ال-١١٢ كابسين فينا زمامير هيك؟

أنا عضو فاعل بالمجتمع

نحنا البنات بلبنان بقولولنا انو لازم نكون شاكرين ربنا انو نحنا

Strike: It is your right, for your right and theirs

Very few newspapers headlined the strike which started yesterday at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Many started a campaign on Facebook to invite their fellow students to join them in the strike and discuss the administration’s decisions. Initial responses came from people outside the University who criticized the “bourgeois revolution,” of “AUB students who finally realized education should be affordable.”


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