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ايجار رخيص مع احتمال الموت: بيروت ترحب بك

Why I’m marching.

Because a law that hurts women, hurts men.

Because no one, under any circumstances, should ever be subject to any kind of violence, be it domestic, sexual, or psychological.

Because a woman cannot, should not be scared of her husband.

Because a son needs to be able to understand that protecting women is his best hope for a good future.

Because a man should never feel reinforced and supported by the law when he is abusing his power and strength.

Because living in fear is not living.

Because insults, sticks, and force leave irreparable damage.

Fast Car: Why I’m Taking The Streets

I had always felt strong; I had never let anyone force me into something I didn’t want to do. I refused to be submissive to the social rules and expectations from an early age and I definitely wouldn’t have expected to react this way. I was 18 years old. I had recently moved back to Lebanon. I was eager to get my driver’s license and so I went to an instructor to learn how to drive manually. I wanted to do it the “right way”. He told me I needed two weeks of practice before the driving test. The first few days were very exciting and empowering.

These Bodies

The Occupy movement has got me thinking a lot about bodies. Bodies that occupy. Occupied bodies. Gendered bodies. Broken bodies. Some bodies. Any bodies. These bodies.

ليبيا ما بعد القذافي: أية تعددية؟

قصّة "هنا" أو كيف تم القضاء على "خالو نبيل"


“تعي نلعب طالعة يا نازلة خالو“، واحدة من العبارات البريئة التي كان نبيل يستعملها لينتهك حرمة أعضاء ابنة اخته الحميمة!

تخيُل بيروت أخرى: احتللن الأرض والسماء والعيون

ثمانية عشر أشهر مرّت ونحن ننام في العراء. أصبحنا نعدّ ثلاثمئة خيمة في وسط بيروت فقط، والمئات الأخريات تتوزّع بين أحياء بيروت الكبرى والضواحي والآلاف منها بين القرى والمدن في الشمال والجنوب والبقاع والشوف والمتن بما فيها المخيّمات الفلسطينية.

تنتقل الخيم من مكان إلى آخر: حالما تستلم اللجان الشعبية السلطة في منطقة ما، تفكّ الخيم وتنتقل لدعم مطالب المناطق المحتاجة.


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