hereandthere/من هنا وهناك

عن يلي صار ب ٥ حزيران ٢٠١١

كان لازم يكون في مسيرة للحدود اللبنانية من بعد

شكلي سوري: مع انو سوريا بتبعد ٢ساعة عن بيروت

كل مرة بكون قاعدي مع رفقاتي يلي ما بيعرفو إنو أنا سورية

Sexual Harassment: Why I Am a Male Ally

It’s funny how sometimes in life you feel like you see everything, but later realize in fact you can see nothing.

Discrimination, death, injustice and boundaries: May 15, RIP

The more i get involved the more i know i am limited by boundaries and an invisible power that ties my ambitions to the ground. When i was young, i used to fly in my dreams and i felt the will to make me become the change i wanted to see, act and make and create.

عازبة في صور: لا أريد زوجاً

ماذا تفعل  النساء في مدينة صور، وكيف

قصة شعري القصير حديثاً

ضحكة والسلام

حتى أحكم إن كانت الفكاهة، “ضحكة والسلام،” أو إن

Living your politics at night in Hamrason


Let’s say you were raised in Lebanon in a pretty traditional family – even though your father worked in the Gulf for a while and you have a cousin who studies in Paris and comes home wearing unusual, artistic, clothing – but your mom has pretty much done what’s expected and what’s needed of her to keep the family going and you were never really rewarded for rocking the boat.


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