What’s feminism got to do with it? Is there a need for feminism in the current protests in Lebanon?

In the past week, we met on several occasions as feminists, to discuss our role in the current series of protests in Lebanon.  We started joining the protests since Saturday 22nd of August as individuals, like many other people. We joined the crowded streets of Beirut, melting with the wider demands for basic rights, just female bodies in the streets.


شو جاب النسوية للموضوع؟ هل هناك حاجة للنسوية في الاحتجاجات الحالية في لبنان؟

ستيفاني جسبيه

لميا مغنية


قوى الامن ولاجئات من السودان

Today is the 56th day of the ongoing protest of more than 25 Sudanese refugees, mostly mothers and their children, at the UNHCR office doors in Beirut. The amount of hate and racism they witness and encounter, by their words, is intolerable to any human.

أحفر إليها سبيلا

لميا مغنية


الجميلة نائمة... لا داعي لإيقاظها


مايا العمّار

السجن بعينَيْ ميشا: جميعنا بريئات، ولو عثرنا

مايا العمّار

One of These Days...

Pascale Ghazaly

There were two different men on the streets.

One of these days..." is a small window to illustrate the daily lives of women.


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We wouldn't have done this without you, Thank you Bassem Chit - May you rest in power.

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