13 Reasons Today Why I Want to #OccupyBeirut

Mozzoom 2010
  1. Because only 2.3% of the Lebanese households receive more than 2,000,000 l.l. , putting the rest at jeopardy of surviving the inflation in the country
  2. Because only less than 46% of the population have social security
  3. Because 27% of our youth are unemployed, not to mention underemployment
  4. Because access  to electricity now costs half the minimum wage
  5. Because I get refused a job based on my Religion 
  6. Because Lebanese Laws still discriminate against women ( no law against violence, no nationality law)
  7. Because sexual and reproductive rights are unrecognized
  8. Because the public space has been privatized by the 2.3% elites and transformed into a heaven only they can enjoy
  9. Because they want to eradicate the sana2e3 park , and to lease most of  the Lebanese cedar park to the French companies and bureaucratic municipality
  10. Because people with special needs are considered lesser human beings
  11. Because the arts have become a privilege
  12. Because I am born into a system that creates intrinsically innate thirst to sadistically  dominate the other, so why not dominate Beirut.
  13. Simply because I believe in a leaderless resistance and country !


Sawt al' Niswa



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