شهادات عن وقائع التحرش الجنسي التي حصلت في مظاهرة الاحد 20 أيلول 2015

Shadow Feminism in Lebanon, Part Two

deema kaedbey

ورقة موقف :اليمن

 "من يستطيع أن يحمي المدافعات من التشهير والتكفير والعنف

لماذا عليك إتخاذ موقف ضد العنف الجنسي؟

Online Security is a myth: 4 useful tips.

Online security is almost a myth but what you can do is make it really hard for someone to hack your account or at least catch them while doing so.

Below are some security tips that don’t include “choose a hard password” – “don’t use an easy password like your name or phone number” and so on – I am pretty sure that almost everybody has heard those tips and yet fails to apply them.

Compilation of Women’s Blogs in Egypt.

Breakdown: US Aid to Egypt

In the aftermath of Egypt’s crackdown on protesters since the revolution began on January 25, 2011, Washington has announced it is reviewing its aid package to the country. Egypt receives close to $2bn in financial assistance every year, making it the second largest recipient of US foreign assistance after Israel.

البنت فلسطينية


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