Politics of Closeness and Alienation

To Audre and Adrienne,


Because a true vision holds much power, if it is not killed into this reality, it will have no place to go, and all its power will destroy the one who received it.  A vision is a responsibility, and to kill the vision into reality is a complete act of power.

اللغة تحت الإحتلال




Unimaginable Wind: A Eulogy for Adrienne Rich (1935-2012)


In the diary as the wind began to tear

نقد نسوي لمنتدى المرأة العربية

اختارت مجلة “الحسناء” ومجموعة “الاقتصاد والأعمال” عنوان “المرأة

ردّة فعل على جرح ثوري صغير

It’s a boy – or Beirut’s youngest feminist

So my brother and his wife had a baby. A baby boy. And everybody is so happy that he got a boy. This boy, as they say, is going to be the pride of the family.

On Being an "Ugly Woman, Rejected by Men"

Whenever I say I’m a “Feminist,” I get a variety of responses. The most common response goes something like this: “Oh, so you’re a man-hater.”


النسوية والذئب


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