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Unimaginable Wind: A Eulogy for Adrienne Rich (1935-2012)


In the diary as the wind began to tear

نقد نسوي لمنتدى المرأة العربية

اختارت مجلة “الحسناء” ومجموعة “الاقتصاد والأعمال” عنوان “المرأة

ردّة فعل على جرح ثوري صغير

It’s a boy – or Beirut’s youngest feminist

So my brother and his wife had a baby. A baby boy. And everybody is so happy that he got a boy. This boy, as they say, is going to be the pride of the family.

On Being an "Ugly Woman, Rejected by Men"

Whenever I say I’m a “Feminist,” I get a variety of responses. The most common response goes something like this: “Oh, so you’re a man-hater.”


وطن التستسترون: أنا هنا

النسوية والذئب


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