وطن التستسترون: أنا هنا

Single in Beirut: Yes, Ammo, I live alone.

The life of a single woman in Beirut.

How to Hit on Arab Girls; Guide Points by a White Man

How to land yourself a slap on the face… or, hopefully, in a jail cell.

Follow the “tutorial” of “Saxquiz” on YouTube. He’s an American who is proud of being a student of the Arabic language and here’s what he’s using it for:

The Arab Woman as Subject: How and why Arab women do whatever it is they do that makes them a category worthy of study

Suad Joseph has spent decades thinking about the interface of gender, family and state in the Middle East and, as such, is well situated to discuss

Women and Self Censorship: A Conversation*.


… So I have a question to ask you all about women, writing and self censorship. Why do women censor themselves? Why is our relationship to writing steeped in holding back?

“Does part of it have to do with being diplomatic and being brought up to please everyone? To not be angry or forthright?”

Ghayri 3adtik Bitzeed S3adtik غيري عادتك، بتزيد سعادتك

Sexual Harrasment: Another take on the “Ghayri 3adtik Bitzeed S3adtik” Program

In the Shadows of the White, White West

Sometimes it takes a dream to show you how you feel.


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