cheek to cheek

in the moist cavity

of another sacrilege

profane twins close

My Feminist School: A Life

The day I was born, my feminist future was determined. I was brought up to become a woman, and while everything around me conspired to teach me how to be one, I became a feminist instead.


Uncivil Rights for Palestinians: Women's Voices

On August 17, 2010 the Lebanese Parliament passed the latest version of a “civil rights” bill for Palestinian refugees.

صك ملكية كوكب الارض


حالات متأنقة


Hamayel Budrus: The Documentary

In its third successful film-making, after Control Room and Encounter Point, Just Vision won multiple awards for its documentary on Budrus’ non-violent resistance against the construction of the Separation Wall on its land.

Don't Buy Me a Flower

The service driver seemed unbothered by the outrageous traffic jam. The heat was unbearable and the car’s engine had been humming impatiently. In that afternoon everything seemed in a desperate need to cool down.

من هي عائشة التيمورية

من أمان حرم جامعة اليو سي أل آي بلّشت


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