أريد أن أصدّق أنكِ مثلي

One of these days

On normal days in the streets of Lebanon, tiny weird adventures are taking place.
This is one of these days.

Things I Hate About Explosions

I hate that it takes place, that a complete stranger has this much hate toward another complete stranger, that again and again this place is not safe for all of us, regardless of how annoying a wide percentage of the “us” are, on days where explosions don’t take place.

When Reality Strikes: Post #14Jan Reflections

I do believe that change is possible. I do have hope for a better future in this country. But sometimes, reality strikes me. Sometimes, when I listen more deeply to my surroundings, I tend to lose hope.

سأشتري مسدساً اليفاً وأدعوه دولة


شو بردَا ع بيت اهلا؟

خلال زيارة لإحدى المراكز الاجتماعيّه ، ضمن دوام

Nawf Graphics

نقد نسوي لمنتدى المرأة العربية

اختارت مجلة “الحسناء” ومجموعة “الاقتصاد والأعمال” عنوان “المرأة


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