الان، أكثر من أيّ وقت مضى، يجْدر بالنسويّات الشابّات اختراقُ فضاءات اليسار وتنويرُها

لا شكّ في أنّ ما حصل في تونس وامتدّ إلى مصر يؤكّد قناعاتٍ أساسيّةً لي، وللعديد من المهتمّين بالشؤون السياسيّة في المنطقة، أهمُّها: أنّ التغيير المنتظر قادمٌ دائمًا في وقته، ودائمًا في محلّه؛

عن الثورات الزائفة

Must Be A Friend

I am guilty. I admit it. I am guilty of doing something I encourage others not to do. I am guilty of remaining silent. Until today.

Trying to Imagine: A Glimpse from the Hunger Strike

Dr. AbdelMeneem Ibrahim is a Sudanese refugee in Lebanon from 20 years+, a community leader and one of the very few modest and down to earth activists, which I know and bow to. He is on hunger strike for day 9 today.

Dealing with Stupid Questions: a Video Rant

Join the olive harvest campaign 2010

Join the olive harvest campaign 2010

29August 2010

My Feminist School: A Life

The day I was born, my feminist future was determined. I was brought up to become a woman, and while everything around me conspired to teach me how to be one, I became a feminist instead.


What's Music Got To Do With It

The arguments have become familiar. We want to enjoy life; music is not political; dancing should unify us, not divide us. We can’t keep being the sacrificial lamb of the Palestinian cause. Aren't you Lebanese? Are you an Islamist? Don’t you like rock and roll music, coca-cola, and dancing under the stars at open-air raves? Aren’t you for the freedom of expression? Are you (gasp) intolerant?


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