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قصّة "هنا" أو كيف تم القضاء على "خالو نبيل"


“تعي نلعب طالعة يا نازلة خالو“، واحدة من العبارات البريئة التي كان نبيل يستعملها لينتهك حرمة أعضاء ابنة اخته الحميمة!

We don't own our bodies

Ali El Mahdy

Plastic fantastic: “Hello my name is Sophia and I am currently under construction… plastically speaking”

Well even animals do it, they groom each other.

Who’s that girl? Notes from the Lebanese Absolute Republic of Beauty

Who’s that girl supposed to be?

I wake up and look in the mirror to see the reflection. Somehow it is not me, or what I think should be me. My body also feels heavy, another weight to handle.

Diary of a feminist: 18/05/2010r

My coworker is a sexist guy. He thinks that women can’t drive because they can’t focus. “It’s in their genes” he explained to me. He later told me about his “scientific” theory that explains what it is in women’s vision that doesn’t allow them to focus on the road ahead. He also said that when we go back to the basics men are stronger- that’s just the way it is- and this is why men are superior.

Mamnou3 el mourour! Just Another Day on the Streets of Beirut

Sometimes I feel so confused, I’m under the illusion that I have to choose.

I Want My Colors Back

Remember the days when colors belonged to us all?

Fair and Lovely: Racism in a Product

A few years ago, back when I was a teenager, I was walking in one of those beauty product exhibitions, and a man jumped out of nowhere, telling me that he has a product that can whiten my skin color! It was summer, and I was really happy with my dark tan. I told him to bug off because I love my color and I am going to keep it for good, so no thank you. I was about 12 and after that I don’t remember encountering any stupid invention as such until…. well, few days ago!


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