خواطر خريفية عن الحراك


الجدار في ظل الجسد

هل وصلنا إلى القاع؟ التضحية بالسوريين في لبنان


أريد أن أصدّق أنكِ مثلي

Superwomen yet Part Time Citizens? The inexorable paradox of Lebanese women’s gender roles

A list of big and small heroic acts by Lebanese women during the civil war would have no end.  Although they did not take part in the decision to start the war, they were hit by the horrors inflicted on all Lebanese and worked to improve their lives and the lives of people around them, taking on their duties as mothers, citizens, and humans.

كيف عم نموت ب البلد؟

عن رزان غزاوي من صديقة

شيء اوإثنان


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