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On Being an "Ugly Woman, Rejected by Men"

Whenever I say I’m a “Feminist,” I get a variety of responses. The most common response goes something like this: “Oh, so you’re a man-hater.”


This is Your State, Your (In)justice. Rebel Against It.

It feels inappropriate to write about this. Somehow, not quite right to make yet another plea, to use words for an issue that should not even be discussed anymore. Least of all in discussion about a right that is as “right” as they come, as basic and uncompromising as they can possibly be. An automatic right, like the reflex to breathe when one is given life. Or when one looks for an identity. An issue that shouldn’t warrant one single debate more, with no words added.


Intersectionality of Trauma in Lebanon

Walid Taha was a Palestinian father of five.  He used to live in Aramoun.  A month ago, a fire erupted and burnt down the house while he was sleeping inside. He somehow made it out alive, with burns over 70% of his body. Imagine what that means.


Nasawiya's Sex Workers' Rights Talk: A Reflection

Last Thursday, Nasawiya hosted 5 activists for sex workers’ rights from all over the world. A very intense talk kept us all silent for two hours, listening to experiences and a cause most of us are not familiar with.

ضحكة والسلام

حتى أحكم إن كانت الفكاهة، “ضحكة والسلام،” أو إن

نوستالجيا المخيم

Gentrification and the fight for one’s home

In one episode of CSI Miami, the group of skilled detectives have to deal with a crime at a neighborhood under ‘planned’ gentrification. The government was evicting inhabitants from their homes, paying half the property price and selling it to a development company to build a hotel. The law-respecting squad then finds itself in an ethical dilemma: does it allow the eviction and follow the court decision, or does it fight it for the sake of disinherited powerless families? And if the law is allowing for such an action to happen, could the law be wrong?


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