Online Security is a myth: 4 useful tips.

Online security is almost a myth but what you can do is make it really hard for someone to hack your account or at least catch them while doing so.

Below are some security tips that don’t include “choose a hard password” – “don’t use an easy password like your name or phone number” and so on – I am pretty sure that almost everybody has heard those tips and yet fails to apply them.

كيف مرقوا ٢٠ سنة من عمري

قلي إن هو من الجامعة اليسوعية عام يدرس طب وعم

عن يلي صار ب ٥ حزيران ٢٠١١

كان لازم يكون في مسيرة للحدود اللبنانية من بعد

A Real Room of Her Own

People find it strange for a woman to want to live by herself. Unless she’s getting married or going to a university that is really far from home, people don’t see any reason why she should move out from her parents’ house.  It doesn’t really matter whether she has the means to have her own apartment or not, because as long as she is single, then she “belongs” to her parents—more precisely to her father.

Civil War: Will I Ever Consider Myself Lucky to be Born in Lebanon?

As someone born by the end of the Lebanese civil war, I should consider myself lucky to not to have witnessed any of the brutality that took place back in those days. Yet, this is not exactly my take on things.

حكومة El Men’s Club

شكلي سوري: مع انو سوريا بتبعد ٢ساعة عن بيروت

كل مرة بكون قاعدي مع رفقاتي يلي ما بيعرفو إنو أنا سورية

The Curious Case of Amina Arraf: the Gay Factor

I don’t know who Amina Arraf is, nor have I read her blog as often as many of the people that I know, but the moment that I was informed about her disappearance,


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