Gender-Based Violence

Anger: The Sign That We Are Still Here

I would have never thought I would be sitting down and recounting a particularly painful event that happened in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and love from folx around the world but in particular, people who have helped me emotionally during this past year, a small co-operative somewhere in the world, you know who you are. The immense support and love that I receive everyday warms my heart. Love and solidarity to you all.

في مقاومة البالي

حضرة القاضي


من يخاف التوثيق؟

من يخاف التوثيق؟ 

The psychic wounds of sexual violence: Digging for Syrian victims in UNHCR's registration interview

Lamia Moghnieh



What happened to you?” asked the psychologist

“They raped me” Said the UNHCR male registration officer in a soft and exaggerated feminine voice, and everyone started laughing. 

قراءة نسوية أولية في الحكايات الشعبية العربية : حكاية الست يَدَب


زوج صديقتي المش مجرم

ما حدا بيعرف ببيت الثاني شو في!

سأشتري مسدساً اليفاً وأدعوه دولة



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